Sky Sustainability

Our world has become so globally dependent on its energy sources, that we far too often forget that there are more sustainable resources that which can provide equal amounts of energy in a manner that is both ecologically and economically more sound as well as far better for our environment. Over the past 10 years those involved in the accommodation and entertainment industries have been seeking ways to improve their sectors, while also easing the burden that we continuously place on our planet. One of the most notable companies in the UK that has ensured its reliance on sustainability is Sky.
Since, 2008, Sky has been striving to minimise the company’s negative environmental impact in order to develop more reliable, environmentally sustainable products. One of the hardships that Sky has been faced with is to ensure that the products they make available to the public not only work properly, but also save energy and are developed by using only natural resources. Most recently, Sky was able to establish that their carbon footprint for the corporation was at 11.42 tCO2e/£m of Group revenue. Each year the company reassesses their target levels to ensure that they remain properly maintained. Sky remains committed to reducing their carbon footprint via investments in on-site renewable energy as it becomes available. Sky can also boast that in 2006, they became the first media company in the world to go carbon neutral and seeks to remain carbon neutral going forth.
Sky recently began revamping their West London campus location and relocated from their formerly leased buildings to newly built buildings that the company is striving to become BREEAM Excellent. Sky additionally is seeking to invest in solar panels, which would significantly help them to reach their goal of 20% of all energy requirements to be obtained from Sky’s personal on-site or controlled energy sources. Sky also seeks to continue moving forward to eclipse the benchmark for the energy efficiency within the industry of their data centres; which will greatly assist Sky in managing energy demands as business needs rise. Sky has also redirected its focus on the overall data centre efficiency Germany and Italy and have begun to transition three of their commercial sites to 100% procured green energy. Sky has also been successful in the reduction of the waste produced and sent to landfills. And in the UK and Ireland, have reached their goal of recycling 100% food waste and have made excellent progress towards reaching their goal of zero waste to landfills by the year 2020. If you have more questions, feel free to contact their Sky helpline.
It is of increasing importance that everyone on this planet do their share to save and preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy. If adequate measures are not taken in order to prevent the imminent danger that is beginning to take its toll on our planet, the damage may in turn be found to be irreversible, the damage having been done. It is with great pleasure that such industries and corporations, such as Sky, are beginning to take preliminary measures in halting as well as preventing the damage that they have already inflicted, and are beginning to seek ways in which they can help the environment, as well as making a profit for the continued successes of their own livelihoods.