EE Connected Vehicles

For large companies, particularly those who manage vast fleets of vehicles, connectivity is vital to ensure that every pertinent part of the company from driver to dispatch to management are all on the same page. And while of course there are countless ways that companies choose to remain in contact with their fleet team, one media company stands above the rest with regards to their service and ever-trusted reliability. That company, is none other than EE.
EE understands all of the issues that can often arise with fleet connectivity as well as teams who must conduct their work from a remote location. And that of course is precisely why the team at EE continuously strives to provide their large business customers with only the latest and finest technological solutions for all of their connectivity needs. Specifically, they emphasize on keeping your fleet vehicles connected. With EE’s innovative Connected Vehicle, they can install low profile, roof mounted antennas and transport-grade 4G WiFi routers to greatly enhance your fleet’s overall connectivity while they are on the move. The super low-profile multi-antenna is also ruggedized which allows for greater resistance to road vibration and even drastic temperature changes. Additionally, EE can provide your fleet with their very own state of the art, high-speed WiFi hotspot, not only in their vehicles, but also in the area that surrounds it. Which of course significantly improves the overall service that your company can offer to your customers. Most notably, is that you can even access remote device management, which allows you the freedom to remotely be able to view the status of your entire fleet team from the comfort of your office. EE will even provide you with remote monitoring capabilities, diagnostics and even configuration support! You will literally have an entire EE team backing you with all the help and advice you may be needing.
EE also ensure that installation will be a seamless experience on your end. Using their knowledgeable, in-house experts who will work alongside your own team to develop a game-plan for installation so that you in turn to have to worry about dealing with multiple suppliers. And if at any time you are needing any assistance, you can contact them directly via this EE contact to be able to receive expert advice whenever you are needing it most and if there is any lingering issue, or you just have some questions or concerns, you can contact EE to request field support as well!
If you are interested in signing up for EE Connected Vehicles, or perhaps just want some more information, be sure to head over to the EE business website. When you log on to the main EE page, simply click on “Business” at the very top of the page, and then click on “Large Business”. Once you have navigated to the Large Business page, simply hover your mouse over the “Solutions” icon and click on “Connected Vehicle”; from there, you will be able to see everything you are searching for in regards to setting up for fleet team with the innovative EE Connected Vehicle network.